Umeda Hokudo (In the Manga)

Umeda Hokuto (梅田 北斗) is the doctor at the school's nurse office. He knows that Ashiya Mizuki is a girl, gives her advice, and pretty much acts like an older brother or uncle to her. Umeda is gay. He is the uncle of Nanba Minami and brother to both Nanba Io (Minami's mother) and Umeda Rio. He is also in love with one of his old friends, another character from a different one of Hisaya Nakajo's stories. Karasuma (the reporter hounding Sano) is very terrified of him, but he just explains that he "shut her up" since she was "all freaked out about something and wouldn't shut up" while he was in a bad mood, so he choked her. He has a tendency to kick people in the head and call them stupid.

Pondering the fact that Mizuki must be a girl.....he's so awesome!!