Azuma and Seira may not be their real names, but those are the names the Umeda Couple request to be called by (Their favorite book being A Little Princess). Azuma and Seira are the parents of Io, Hokuto, and Rio, and are the grandparents of Nanba Minami, though they don't wish to be called "Grandma and Grandpa" in public. They both look considerably young despite the fact that Seira is fifty-one and Azuma is fifty-four. Mizuki notes upon first meeting them that they look no older than Umeda. Umeda says that both of them went to Osaka and Saint Blossom respectively and they won the best couple award during the Osaka High and Saint Blossom High Christmas Dance party. It is inferred that Io and Seira used to clash when Io was younger, making Seira cry on more than one occasion. Their friction subsided during the delivery of Minami Nanba when Seira demanded that Io not give into the pain of childbirth and their relationship improved.