Nakao Senri

Nakao Senri is a somewhat effeminate boy who harbours a serious crush on Nanba Minami. He was upset for losing the beauty pageant because he helped Mizuki when she was kidnapped. Initially, he was secretive about being in love with Nanba, but eventually became less subtle. Towards the end of the series, he confesses his feelings to Nanba, but he was rejected. He would even attack the girls that tried to flirt with Nanba, tackling them, glaring at them, etc.

He's also a former winner of the Miss Osaka Pageant during his first year at Osaka.

His name is taken from Senri-Chūō Station(千里中央駅), a railway station of Kita-Osaka Kyūkō Line and Osaka Monorail, located in Toyonaka, Osaka.